Acti Weter

Silicon Based Non Ionic Spray Adjuvant

This is highly efficient spray Adjuvant with proprietary formulation based on nonionic silicone surface active agent and organic solvents which helps spray water for reduction in surface tension resulting into more spreading and penetration of spray nutrient mixture. Insecticides and other spray components are better penetrated in leaves and helps for increased action of plant growth promoters, fertilizers and insecticides. Oily layer on insects gets emulsified due to Acti Weter spray adjuvant and results in better performance of insecticides.

Benefits: Wetting, Spreading & Penetrating Spray Adjuvant for Foliar Application of Biostimulants,   Micronutrients, Herbicides & all types of agrochemicals etc. 

Application: Spray – 0.5 to 1 ml/ltr,

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